St. Patrick’s Day Preparations

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! Normally we are a bit more prepared for such occasions. I don’t think I have any green for Hallie to even wear tomorrow and there is certainly not a shamrock garland hanging from any fireplace. Tisk tisk. But we did put our green baking hats on today and whipped up some festive cupcakes! I did a basic vanilla cupcake recipe and added some food colouring in honour of our leprechaun friends. I also tried to make tiny shamrocks with a darker green icing. Lets just say that I should probably refresh my skills with a Wilton Cake class at the craft store. My shamrocks left a lot to be desired…. but it tasted damn delicious and really that is the most important part! I also managed to sneak on Pinterest today and round up some festive favourites that really caught my eye. I am sharing them with you below and the links to various websites are included, should you want to try some of these recipes out yourself! I know for a fact Hallie will LOVE the Chex Mix. I also plan to make the potato cakes for our dinner tomorrow night. I am totally craving mini yorkshire puddings but I had friend chicken on the monthly menu so that will just have to do. What are you whipping up for St. Patrick’s Day? It is all so yummy looking though a few foods I noticed on Pinterest just shouldn’t be green hah. Though I must say, the green beers look delicious. May have to have a green non-alc one, just to get in the lucky spirit!

St PaddysDay Food

Is your mouth watering as much as mine yet?!

Recipe links are here for the above images:
Irish Potato Cakes

Green Velvet Cheesecake Cake

Shamrock Shaped Sausage Rolls

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites

St. Patrick’s Day Chex Mix 

Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day friends! May the luck of the Irish be with all of you.


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