Instagram Favourites

I am as obsessed with Instagram sometimes as I am with Pinterest. I just love the continuous visual stimulation, not to mention all of the hot leads on baby cuteness available out there! I think most of the accounts I follow eventually lead to online shopping but there are a number of crafty ones that inspire me to create. That may be in the kitchen, in my craft room, often more than not I just screen shot it ‘for later’ and forget to copycat it….. but keeps my creative juices flowing nonetheless! Today I wanted to share a few favourites with you that I LOVE to see pop up in my feed. Check em out! You will love them as much as I do I promise!


Tiffanie Turner – Crafty friends, check out her Instagram AND website! She is an artist who creates gorgeous flowers out of paper, sometimes on a massive scale! Some of her work will knock your socks off! Oh and how awesome is her name?

Sweet Paul – I love everything about Sweet Paul. I first discovered the magazine when I was working at Anthropologie. It lead me to the website and eventually stalking the Instagram account. Sweet Paul covers everything from baking and cooking to creating and DIY projects. It oozes simplicity and elegance and inspires all! If you have not checked out the site, well it is your lucky day.

Made By Girl – Jen Ramos is the artist behind this beauty and boy oh boy is she just that! Her site is an online store for art and prints and her creations are beautiful! I love how her inspiration stems from something as simple as a pineapple and out pops this brightly coloured breathe of fresh air for your walls. I also am obsessed with her larger abstract prints.

Gray Malin – This photographer takes it to another level. Everything he does is so well planned. I love his larger scale projects in particular where you can’t even fathom the choreography required to get everything in sync. Check out some of his work and you will understand exactly what I mean! I especially love anything he has done with flamingos! Oh and pink striped zebras!!

Do you have any creative interests that you obsessively follow on Social Media? Please share the love!


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