Off To The Fair

My it has been a busy spring so far! I am not sure if I mentioned it recently but I have been working my pregnant butt off on the sewing machine lately. I love sewing! Finding the time to get projects done, well that is an entirely different story. I find that if you set a deadline though it definitely helps get the ball rolling. Which is exactly what I did. Back in winter, I enrolled my already registered yet slightly inactive company in a craft fair. It was supposed to be a really big one too supporting the BCSPCA (animal rescue, care and adoption). I figured enrolling in winter with the deadline of the fair being May 1st, I would have plenty of time to get organized and create a bit of inventory to sell. It is a dream of mine to make money off of selling baby creations that I make on my sewing machine. If I am being totally honest, I knew deep down inside I would probably get nothing done until my mum moved up to Kamloops as it is next to impossible to use a sewing machine around a curious toddler. Do it when she naps right? Oh yea my kid doesn’t nap regularly! So that was fine. Wait for Grandma to babysit and that would give me exactly one month to get things done. Well that in the end turned into three weeks. But I did it! I had everything from bandana bibs to receiving blankets, to large throw & crib bedding blankets and even some baby mobiles and headbands! I LOVE the items I made – so much it can be hard to put a price on them. But I did and was ready to sell! So that is what was keeping me busy over the weekend. Participating in the craft fair and getting word about my little baby business out. I would absolutely LOVE it if you checked it out too.You can visit my Facebook Page HERE and coming soon will be Instagram and maybe even a website. I know in starting these sort of things it is best to be organized and get all your ducks in a row before releasing it all to the public and online. I now disagree with that. I thought that way forever and I was just never really STARTING. With this baby line, DEER BABY, once I started one thing it sort of domino rolled into the next thing and before you know it, I was in full swing of getting shit done! It may have been done a little sideways but the important thing is that things are happening and I am trying. Next I need to look into tackling Etsy and how I can sell online….. but quite frankly I am a little nervous! Also planning to set up at our local farmers market. So there is A LOT going on over here! Not to mention that darling little angel of mine! She is a mile a minute these days. So chatty, though not quite speaking English yet. Just full of smiles and giggles and curiosity too. Baby Boy has been busy in my belly too; kicking up a storm all of the time and getting rather HUGE. I was at the supermarket today and the cashier flat out refused to believe that I had two more months to go in this pregnancy. Apparently I look ready to pop already. Lovely! Well that is it for me tonight as it is late and I am still exhausted from a weekend of craft fair-ing. Check out some of the debut items though! I would love to hear your thoughts. There are just pictures I took from the craft fair; there are some fantastic product shots on the FB site. Good night everyone!










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