Mother’s Day Is Every Day

I completely forgot to post about Mother’s Day but every day is Mother’s Day right?! Of course it is! When you are a mom, all days are filled with every emotion possible. The roller coaster can take you from zero to ninety with the tiniest gesture from your children. A grab of your finger or a heartfelt hug with their little arms can make your heart burst with love and happiness. A surge of patience can be felt as you discover yet another crayon scribble on your white kitchen cupboards and walls. Red hot frustration when you find your expensive eye cream being used as ‘finger paint’ on sofa, of all places. Sadness when you finally get a moment to yourself and all you end up doing is missing your little one. Relief when you finally get them into bed for the night. Guilt for feeling relief that they have gone to bed and you finally get a break for the day. And lastly, back to love and bursting happiness as you creep over their crib and watch them sleeping before you pass out from exhaustion in your own bed. Or sofa. Whatever is closest. This roller coaster happens daily too! It’s absolute torture – I kind of love it too. That is why I feel like every single day is Mother’s Day in a sense. We do however get that one day a year when it is publicly acknowledge and usually filled with spoiling of some kind. My day was great too! I must admit the weekend started off rocky. Being the emotionally unstable and pregnant woman that I am lately, I chose to pick a fight with the husband the day before. I have absolutely no clue what I was pissed about, couldn’t remember for the life of me right now. Whatever it was it blew over. It is not uncommon for me to overreact lately! (I don’t recall being like this in my first pregnancy…. it’s because it’s a boy I swear!) Sunday, Mother’s Day, ended up going much smoother and without arguments. I woke up to a beautifully cooked breakfast and enjoyed a full pack of bacon. There is never enough bacon. After a big home cooked breakfast, we played around and took some photos! I really wanted some belly shots before I got too large and some candid moments with Hallie. Henry is pretty good with the camera too so we had fun with a mini photoshoot. The afternoon revolved entirely around eating – again! I think that is what we did all day. EAT. That is what you do when you are pregnant though right?! The weather was really undecided so the moment we had some solid sunshine, we set up outside for an early supper. I as usual had a ton of fun styling the table and experimenting with using different serving dishes. My favourite detail of the meal was actually using lush throw and pillows on our chairs. Just added a touch of class to the table.

Aside from all of the fun we had, the most important thing about the day was the quality time spent with my family. With my mom so close we got to spend it with her so we had three generations present; myself, my mom and my daughter. Such a special time to appreciate the women in your life and honour the blessing it is to be a mama. I know how proud I am to be Hallie’s mama and am filled with excitement (and major nerves/anxiety) to be a mama of two very, very soon.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day and again, so sorry for being so late to the party on this post!









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