Giving Back

Though we try to give all year long, it’s this time of year that everyone tends to do a little more in that department. My donation bags seem to be bigger for The Salvation Army and more often than not I am rifling through the cupboards to give to the Food Bank or mom’s in need in the community. I wish I was on my game  and ‘gave’ this much all year long, but when life gets the way life does, it’s easy to fall behind. So we are making up for that now! Though Hallie does not quite yet understand what we are doing, I decided to involve her anyways. We are filling shoeboxes for the Samaritan’s Purse, also known as Operation Christmas Child. For this project you receive these shoeboxes to fill and you can pick if it’s going to a boy or girl, as well as the age range. My experience lies in the 2-4 year old category so I went with that. The only problem is when we decided to go shopping for our new friends, Hallie got a little sneaky at the dollar store. Everything I grabbed for the shoebox she quickly doubled up on by sneaking them into the stroller. We now have a lot of goodies for two year old little girls, funnily enough. I’ve decided we will do up some Christmas goody bags for her friends and spread the love of these little toys around. Looks like we accomplished more than we set out to do, which for busy mommas, is always a plus! I am going to continue this tradition every year with my kids, and when Jackson is old enough we will get him going on the boy boxes. It’s probably the busiest time of year, for all families, but I hope you can find the time to contribute your time to those in need this holiday season. I know we will be looking for more ways to do just that. Have a wonderful weekend!





Don’t forget everyone… Santa knows if you are naughty or nice! (couldn’t resist…)


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