Lets Try This Again Shall We?

Well hello friends! It has been a minute since I have been on here. Many, many minutes in fact. Lets recap. The last time I posted was OCTOBER of 2018! That seems like a lifetime ago and I am sure a lot of you could agree with that. In 2018 the kids were busy busy, I was learning how to juggle a two year old and four year old, it was a simpler time. Fast forward to one baby starting kindergarten and the other one starting preschool. A very emotional time for all involved. Especially when my preschooler decided to introduce us to child anxiety. What an interesting road that has been – more on that later! Fast forward again to 2020, a year we all will never forget, the beginning of the worldwide pandemic. One we keep hoping will turn into a distant memory but seems to be hanging around for all of the good times. Personally, I also was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2021. With all of the stress and problems in the world, it started to become very clear to me that I craved a creative outlet again. A distraction to all of that noise. One thing that always beckons me is writing. So here we are again, back at the blog and hoping to create something fun and interesting for others to read. Distract you from the negative noise of the world. I do have some ideas as well. I would like to redefine this blog a little. Keep some focus on parenting and kids but also diversify into my world as a woman, not just a mum. Perhaps some insight into the world of breast cancer, should anyone feel inclined to click on that tab. I promise to keep it light. If anything joyful, with of course some comic relief. Please, if there is anything you as a reader would like to see, comment below or send me an email. Happy to be back!


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