About Me

About Me: Wife to Henry, Momma to Hallie with another kiddo on the way, lover of holidays, seasons and all things fun!

Here is our story: I met my husband at my own birthday party through mutual friends. It was definitely meant to be. We were immediately smitten with each other and spending just about every day together. After Henry proposed on top of a motocross mountain in his hometown of Grand Forks, we celebrated with a rustic country wedding in August of 2013. As a crafty lady, I took on all of the projects and our tiny love nest in East Vancouver quickly looked like a Michaels Craft Store had exploded inside of it. If a man can love you through all of that, he can love you through anything! When we found out a baby would soon join our family, we decided it was time to move house – we settled in Port Coquitlam and absolutely loved it. There is something about suburbia life, living on the river where you can see all of the seasons change that I suited me just fine. Our Baby Girl Hallie joined us in October 2014, bringing us an unbelievable amount of happiness, adventure and many sleepless nights. Almost a year later, we decided life was just feeling too normal and decided to take on our next adventure; a big family move to Kamloops! Who needs a quiet relaxing year anyways… While settling in to our new life here, we found out our family was growing yet again. A baby boy was going too join the Hayward crew in July of 2016. As I try to pave my way through motherhood and being a first time mom, I am sharing it all with you from this tiny corner of the Internet. Whether it be the moments that are filled with love and laughter, or the ones filled with explosive baby poop and a mommy on the verge of tears. Through cocktails and cursing, I try not to sugar coat any of these stories. Thank you for visiting! If you would like to share anything or ask me a question, please email me at mrstiffanyhayward@gmail.com 


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