I have meant to get around to this post for some time and am excited to finally be caught up… for now anyway! As a new momma, every day I am learning what make life with a little one slightly easier. What makes my day run smoother. I also have discovered through trial and error what my baby likes and products that work well for her. As she grows and develops, so many new ‘things’ are available to us. Of course you do not NEED any of them. However, I am a sucker for shopping so that means I have a few select faves. Here is our list, on a monthly basis, up to month 4.

Avent Newborn Bottles – these were perfect for us. My little one is a hungry girl and can slam a bottle at any given time. These were exceptionally slow in the nipple so it forced her to take her time and digest properly.
Avent Pacifiers – We were hesitant to plug her up with a soother but when we did, these were the best ones. God forbid you be out and about without one! (She no longer like soothers and prefers to wail unless a bottle of milk hits her lips haha!)
Enfamil Ready Feed Formula – I knew there would be a chance that I would need to at least top my baby up with formula. I remember being pregnant, baby brain and all, standing in the formula aisle at Target and being totally overwhelmed. Which brand? Which size? Powdered? Ready Feed? Concentrate? Soy? Low Iron? Extra Iron? I can choose a bottle of wine easier! The truth is though that you don’t know what your baby will take to until you actually try them out. After some trial and error, we found that the Ready Feeds by Enamel were best in the first month for little newborn tummies. They are so sensitive and this formula was recommended most by healthcare practitioners. Upon trying it, Hallie was hooked!
Boon Drying Rack – For those of you who exclusively breastfed, I bet your kitchen counters are clean and clear of clutter – you lucky ladies! I however have a large assortment of bottles and related accessories. This handy little ‘fake grass’ drying rack helps to make the clutter look as cute as can be. We also have one in the bath tub for tiny baby bath toys. Keeps my OCD in check!
Carters Newborn Mittens – These tiny mittens were so handy when we brought our baby home from the hospital. She was born with a good set of nails and these kept her from scratching herself!
Mamankangourou Baby Wrap – I have heard these wraps can be hit or miss depending on your baby however mine loved it. It was soft and snuggly and made a perfect cocoon for her to hang out in. It also would free up my hands to have a cup of coffee! It can be used in the later months as well though I haven’t tried in a little while with my 17 pound turkey!
Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets – Hubby laughed at me a lot in my prig days as I was stocking up on these blankets like they were going out of style. He learned very quickly in the first few weeks with our newborn that with these blankets, abundance is key! We needed them handy, at arms reach in every room we spent time in. They worked well as a regular blanket, clothing protection during feeding, protection in general during diaper changes, and of course, the coveted swaddle. The swaddle was the secret to my baby’s slumber. They also have very cute patterns!
Bassinet – The one in the image here is from Wal-Mart. Mine looked exactly like it however I picked up mine from a children’s thrift store so I cannot verify where it was originally purchased. Newborns are so tiny and though we wanted to get our baby into her crib as soon as possible, this solution made more sense and gave me piece of mind. We had it by our bed for a week and then transitioned her into her nursery while still in the bassinet. She used this gem for the first two months and eventually she started to look a bit tall for it. Packing it away for baby number two for sure. If it’s a boy, hopefully he doesn’t mind the girly ruffles haha!

Bright Starts Safari Play Mat – I love this option because of the black and white pattern. Babies are attracted to black and white contrasting colors and this baby blew her mind. Hours of fun. Just beware of the dreaded flathead with so much time on their back. (See next item!)
Moon Pillow – It is very common for babies to develop a flat head around the age of two months. Their skull is super soft and malleable and too much time on their back doesn’t help in creating a rounded head. I bought a Moon Pillow off  Amazon and it helped so much when lying on her play mat or even when I was changing her. This pillow has magic powers I swear.
Sleep Gowns – These particular ones are called Easy Sleeper Gowns from Baby.co.nz, a New Zealand company. A relative purchased them for me Down under. I love the organic fabric and how cozy they are. You can buy this style of sleeper anywhere though. Perfect for all baby lengths.
Aden & Anais Baby Wash Cloths – Same fabric content as the swaddle blankets and super soft on baby skin. At two months we started having more fun in the bath so having a good number of these on hand was helpful.
Baby Bjourn Baby Carrier – There are so many carrier options out there to choose from. I chose this one because it was given to me as a gift! It worked great for Hallie though. Nice and supportive and near the end of two months, she was big enough to switch around to face outwards which she LOVED. This carrier model works for up to 25 pounds though I must admit, at 17 pounds it was starting to hurt my back. Good for newborns but there definitely comes a time to upgrade.
Johnson’s sleepy time Bath Products with Lavender – Maybe it is all in my head but I honestly do think these bath products help bring on sleepy vibes before bed. The lavender is so relaxing. Might just be the exhausted mother talking there though….

Sophie The Giraffe – Three months old and many babies start teething; mine sure did! She was one big drooling, gum-smacking machine! Sophie was great for her to hold on to and suck. All the knobby parts were perfect to soothe those achy gums. Sophie is super cute too! Just watch out for your dog if you have one. Ours took to Sophie’s squeak and lets just say she is no longer with us. The giraffe that is.
Mustela Baby Lotion – This lotion is awesome. Very light and fresh and perfect for sensitive baby skin. We use it daily after bath time. I also purchased this brand’s baby face wipes which are now an absolute must-have.
Pack & Play – We love our Pack & Play. It’s perfect for nap time in the living room if a certain lady needs a power nap while playing. It is also great for sleepovers at Grandma’s house. I love this Joovy Play Yard especially and it is not a total eyesore for your living room decor.
Carters Fleece Pyjama Sleepers – We were in our coolest months when our baby was three months old so having these warm and cozy sleepers was a must! Haley was also at the point of kicking off all blankies so I wanted to make sure she stayed warm throughout the night.
Jolly Jumper – You can buy these as a stand (like shown in the picture and what we own) or you can also get the kind that hangs in a door frame. Both are loads of fun! I believe three months can be a bit early for a Jolly jumper but Hallie could hold her head up really well and was kicking her legs all day long. We tried it and she was (and still is) obsessed. She points her toes every time she jumps and it melts my heart. Little ballerina in the making…
Large Bottles – By three months we needed to use bottles that contained more formula as she was drinking more. My favourites were the Playtex Vent Aire and the large Avent bottles. The Playtex bottles were great for when my baby was extra gassy and the Avent ones, well they are just convenient and hold lots of formula. Less parts to clean and convenient when you are out and about.

Sophie The Giraffe (again!) – We had to buy a new one but Sophie proved to be more valuable in month four than in month three. More drool, more pain, but still no teeth. Could go on for months I hear…. Joy!
Bumbo Seat – This seat is the best for dinnertime! It helps our baby sit up on her own and keeps her safely in one spot. (I believe these were recalled but I believe if used properly, safely and with supervision it’s a great thing to have.)
Organic Presidents Choice Baby Oat Cereal – Yes we started out baby on cereal before six months. Let the mommy shaming begin. Haley was very ready to begin solids. I love this brand of baby cereal and have starting mixing in vegetables. She LOVES dinnertime! We just do once in the evening, in her Bumbo, and it’s going great. We will soon introduce breakfast so she will then be eating solids, twice a day, at four months old. Gasp!…
Camilla Homeopathic Teething Medicine – I hate seeing my baby uncomfortable and do not want to drug her up with meds. Camilla is all natural, homeopathic and a great option for teething.
Ergo Baby Carrier – This baby carrier is one of the pricier options. After thinking long and hard, I finally bit the bullet and shelled out for it. I love it and so does my baby! She ca no longer face outwards which is a bit of a downer, but it’s very comfortable for her and way more supportive for momma’s poor back. We tried it yesterday for the first time on a very long walk. Comfort and she even napped in it for over an hour! I will have to buy an infant insert for baby number two but so far, I am very happy with the investment.
Kushies Washable Bib – Once we started solids, I quickly discovered my normal cloth bibs would not cut it. They all ended up in the laundry too quickly! Solids can be super messy. This Kushies bib is not only adorable, you can simply wash and wipe it clean after using it.
Crane Humidifier – If you have read any of my other blog posts, you will know I am slightly obsessed with the Teardrop Crane Humidifier. Especially now that we have had baby’s first cold! That machine worked wonders all night long. Now you can buy them in different colors! I love this pink one. If the next babe is a boy, the blue and lime green are also super cute!
Faux Wood Floor Playmat – I received this as a gift for my baby shower from Babies R Us. Now that baby girl is sitting and trying to crawl, it is nice to have an area that has most of her toys that she is playing with at that time. It seems to create decent traction for trying to crawl and as a bonus, looks decent in our living room, blending in with the existing decor. Lord knows we don’t need another baby looking apparatus.
Ingenuity Baby Seat – Until I commit to purchasing a highchair, this seat works perfectly! It is a great size and almost like a ‘baby steps’ chair for getting into the routine of eating solids. It’s perfect size, not to mention I love the pink! I foresee about 3 more weeks in this seat and then we will need to find a high chair. My little lady is getting a little too rambunctious.
Infection Feel & Learn Soft Book – Hallie is obsessed with these types of books at the moment. They are soft to the touch and have crinkly stuff inside to create texture and sound. She also has started to put everything in her mouth so these books are suitable for that too. Some even have rubbery tabs that are good for teething.
PlayTex Bowls – Feeding time in our house is a lot of fun. We pump the Disney music and have regular sing alongs while we eat our meals. With all of that comes a bit of mess. Especially with tiny hands trying to reach for her bowl and spoon to feed herself. These bowls are great in the event that she does grab hold of one and throw it across the room. I may have to clean up pureed carrots but at least we don’t have broken dishes on our hands.
Baby Gourmet Food Pouches – The mixes that this brand puts out are insanely delicious! Well as delicious as baby food can be. I love the combinations, how easy it is to store and access them, and the fact that it is organic is a major plus. Babies do not eat a lot so the food that they do eat, you want it to be top quality and full of nutrients.
Munch Mitt – I purchased this Munch Mitt when Hallie was around four or five months. Sometimes she wants nothing to do with it but other times, she loves it. The silicone bumpiness is perfect for her tender gums and it stays strapped to her hand with a velcro closure.
Dumbo & The Starry Night – This was a gift from Grandma and we love it. Dumbo is adorable with his big ears and the tent has star cut outs that light up red or blue. In a dark room, it projects stars everywhere. Haley loves to see the stars and is obsessed with flipping the whole thing over to see the bottom. Dumbo has since come detached from the tent and is now a favourite toy to snuggle with.
Itsy Ritzy Shopping Cart & Highchair Cover – This little gem is so handy when we go out for lunch or do the grocery shopping. I get a piece of mind that my baby is not picking up every germ in the world, plus it makes a cozy seat for baby. She feels more secure and has a blast fingering the pretty pattern. Oh the simple delights in life haha.
Infection Activity Stacker – We were given this at my baby shower as well. I had it out all the time in earlier months however Hallie has only recently taken a liking to it. She loves to disassemble it and try putting each piece in her mouth. One day soon I imagine she will try to stack them all together but for now, we are in distraction mode.
On a side note, I must tell you what our absolute favourite toys are at the moment. My Kitchen Aid Measuring Cups! I think we might have a little baker on our hands here friends.
Seven months old was a great age! A lot of development happened in this month. Hallie was full of baby talk – dadadadada and mamamamama and a few sounds that sounded more Arabic than English or baby talk LOL! Hallie was seven months old during our hotter months in Vancouver so this meant a lot of time outside. We spent many days poolside and in the sunshine. We also did a fair bit of eating during this stage. So with all of that fun stuff happening, I give you a list of our personal favourites that were awesome at seven months old.

Baby Sized Pool – We bought our from Walmart and it is sold out now. Next Summer I think I would prefer to purchase a hard shell pool like this one, rather than a blow up pool. Less work and a bit more durable.
Activity Stand – I bought mine second-hand but the same one is available at Walmart here. This puppy is perfect for seven months because Hallie could stand and support herself on it as well as entertain herself with all the buttons and sounds.
Umbrella Stroller – I picked mine up at Toys R Us, similar one here. Reasonably priced and so darn cute! We have the navy blue fox print one and I just love it. It’s perfect for quick walks and on-the-go days at the park and pool. Sometimes you need a break from the big bulky travel system.
Sleeveless Onesies – With the hot weather, sometimes clothes were not an option. I found these perfect little onesies at H&M and bought Hallie the pink and white polka-dot one. Looks like they are no longer available as Fall inspired clothing is now appearing – yikes!!! I did however spot these darling ones which I may have to order anyways. Good for layering in chillier months!
Quilts – We spend a lot of time playing on the ground so it is absolutely necessary to have quits on had all the time to throw down. We have about 15 I swear. My favourite prints and fabrics are The Land of Nod baby quilts. They have just about every pattern you could think of. They might be my not-so-secret shopping addiction.
Boon Inc. High ChairThis chair is my best friend sometimes. I love the look of it and my kid is just too happy hanging out in it. The seat looks made for her; she is such a lazy lounger in it! I probably screwed myself for baby number 2 if it’s a boy but I don’t care too much. Who can resist hot pink. I must say that Boon’s customer service is awesome too. They do not hesitate to help you out or send you complimentary parts if anything is not working properly. I have been extremely pleased with them!
Puff Snacks – There are a ton of baby snacks out there but these have been a huge hit in our house: Parent’s Choice Apple Raspberry Puffs. Not only does baby love the taste but they also serve as a fifteen minute distraction on the highchair tray while momma throws back a hot cup of coffee. Win win.
Summer Custom Fit Gate – We have an open concept living and dining room so it was a challenge to decide on a baby gate. The Summer Custom Fit Gate worked well as it simply sectioned off the entire living room. I could let baby hang out in there with all of her toys and not worry about the stairs. Now that she has taught herself to climb up on furniture in there, my days of sitting back and watching are likely over. It is still a great gate though!
So those are our favourites for seven months old. Of course there are many different things out there made to make life easier, but these ones in particular worked great for us.


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