Breakfast Lovers

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – we are major breakfast people in our home! There is just something about the smell of bacon in the morning. Or in the afternoon. Or for dinner. Let’s face it, all things that end with bacon end well. With my picky toddler tummy, it’s always a constant guessing game as to what Hallie will eat today. This week there is a mild obsession with mini mandarin oranges. Last week it was cheese. The minute you feel confident that she loves a certain type of food (for examples, bananas), she will change her mood so fast that you won’t even get home from the grocery store with it and she has decided it’s gross. Bananas are now a mushy form of lotion that she likes to massage into her own hands. Thank the lord I can still get her into a high chair or bananas would be my new living room rug. One consistency Hallie has always remained true to though is toast. Sometimes she just likes to suck the butter off and discard it but 7 times out of 10 she will eat it. Which is why I am a huge fan of French Toast! Bit of protein from the eggs and a dash of fun with cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin spice. What kid doesn’t love it?! I am a huge fan too so it’s a win for everyone. Not to mention the massive side of bacon we can easily pile up on the plate next to it! There is something about the cooler weather & Fall that makes me feel like cooking up a warm breakfast on the daily. No wonder everyone gets a little chubbier this time of year! I am currently on the hunt for some new breakfast recipes too so if you have any to share, please do. Pinterest is such a fantastic resource for such things but these days I don’t exactly have two hours to get lost in the pinning world. Hope you are all having a great Friday and that the weekend ahead is full of bacon and smiles!






I have had people asking me lately about my dish & coffee mug obsession on Instagram! Majority of my dishes and items styled in photographs are from Anthropologie and my favourite mixing bowl shown above here is from Homesense.

Just because I can’t resist…. (‘Stop taking my picture mom!’)


Nursery Planning Obsessions

I was just working on something for a friend of mine and became very nostalgic! She is having a baby this summer (a little girl!) and had asked me to gather some nursery planning ideas for her. (more…)

A New Zealand Tradition

I do not know if I have mentioned it before but we are from New Zealand! Well I am and my parents and brother, extended family, etc. I was born there and my family came to Canada in the eighties. I went back in my travelling days to live there for a couple of years but have not been back in about ten years. (more…)

Weekdays With Babies

I am just loving my maternity leave lately. Of course I have loved being off with my baby since she arrived back in October. It is however getting to be more fun though as each day passes. The older Hallie gets, the more personality she has and the more things she enjoys doing. (more…)

Baby Nursery

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Many of you are likely still enjoying it if you took an extended weekend with tomorrow being a holiday. It’s been an action packed weekend for me as I took off to Seattle with a couple girlfriends to see Oprah (more…)

Favourites From The Kitchen In My 29th Week

Before I got pregnant I always thought it would be the same for me as it is in the movies – craving odd combinations like pickles and peanut butter, weird flavoured ice cream in the middle of the night, and all the other baffling snack demands you hear about from preggo ladies. (more…)

Nursery Planning!

Living in a new house, we have about a hundred projects we plan to get going on real quick. We purposely bought a house that was move in ready yet also had the capacity for us to renovate a bit and put our own touches on it. This house has plenty of opportunity for that. Our first project though was a pretty obvious one with a ticking clock – planning out the baby’s room! With so many decorating possibilities, it was a challenge to narrow down exactly what sort of aesthetic I was going for. Even though we know that we are having a baby girl, I  was not too amped on having a girly pink princess room, as fun as that can be. For the past year I have been into white and that is not changing anytime soon. I decided that would need to be my canvas and I would throw in colour with accents. With a few pieces that I knew I would be using for sure, my ideas are starting to take form and blend together. I would absolutely LOVE to hear your thoughts!

1.) As I mentioned, I am obsessed with different shades of white. I love how this room is so soft and subtle with shades of white, and has delicate accents of colour here & there.

2.) As many of you know, I am a manager at an Anthropologie. I come home with new purchases just about everyday – it can be a problem! However it is also where I find my most treasured possessions. Here I have a cushion that I bought back when I first found out I was pregnant. I knew it was perfect for baby. Falling head over heels for the metallic gold dots, I sourced out a lady on Etsy who is making a fitted crib sheet out of a very similar fabric. I realize with a design background I could have done this quite simply myself. Why am I ordering it online? a.) I could not locate the right fabric, we can be rather useless up here in Canada when it comes to really awesome crafting supplies and b.) I simply do not have the time or energy this late in the game …. Being pregnant is exhausting! =)

3.) Monogram obsession alert! I believe this comes from my job as well. I am constantly surrounded by extremely cool forms of monogram. We have zinc letters at the store which would be perfect however as you can tell, gold is my accent. I picked up some basic wooden letters at the Walmart in Bellingham last week and intend to spray paint them gold. Easy little DIY project which will cost me about twenty dollars when all is said and done. They will be custom made for baby girl’s little room and won’t cost me an arm and a leg. Win! I will be spelling her name on the wall up above her crib – and yes we have a name! Mum’s the word till she arrives though.

4.) I swear, most of time when I am finding cute stuffed animals for her room, I secretly want them for myself. They have come such a long way since I was a little girl. So cute and quirky now! I am sticking with a woodland creature theme  – foxes, owls, bears, deers….. you get the idea.

5.) So back to Anthro….. if you are an Anthropologie lover, you know that we create everything in our window displays. Earlier in the year, we created this fantastic window display of hot air balloons. It took the team ages to paper mach and paint them all but they turned out really beautiful. My district manager was kind enough to let me have three! The rest were donated and auctioned off – trust me these balloons are really cool! I have three that are different sizes and I am going to hang them in the corner of the room near the window at different heights. It will look so precious! I may tie this idea into a mobile above the crib too but right now I am undecided.

6.) Oh prints and patterns, how I love thee! Mommas-to-be, question for you. Do you ever find yourself in a store, staring endlessly at options, and forget completely what you are looking for? Baby brain at it’s finest! I was in the fabric store for nearly two hours the other day and left feeling very overwhelmed and empty handed. There is just so much variety in fabric and so many directions you could go. I think I am going to stick to a couple shades of blue and some cute fox prints. This idea has room to grow but it’s a starting point for now. Baby girl will just learn to love blue!

7.) These are one of my favourites! Oh and what do you know; they are from Anthro! I bought these brassy sleeping fox knobs ages ago, once again knowing that they would be perfect fur the nursery. A buddy of ours gave us a beat up dresser when he moved and we decided to refinish it. The dresser is perfect height for a baby’s change table. So with some sanding and a fresh coat of a slightly off shade of white, the dresser was ready for knobs. We gutted the centre drawers, turning them into cubbies. I filled them with rustic baskets. The whole combination looks absolutely stunning and really showed me how you can transform an old piece of furniture into something AWESOME! It’s my favourite piece of furniture in this house now.

8.) Lastly, what nursery doesn’t have a ceramic white bunny! Thank you Anthropologie again …..

Stay tuned for updates on the nursery as it all comes to life!