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Almost Baby Time!

36 weeks: Not Long To Go Now!

Well I am finally rounding the corner of the final countdown. Where it’s no longer three months to go, or two more months. We are officially in weeks people! 36 weeks and baby’s due date is creeping up very quickly. I know many women say this but I really don’t think I will make it to 40 weeks. This baby has just been ready to go for too long. He was head down at 28 weeks, which presented a whole world of discomfort that I was not ready for. I have also had this feeling the last couple months that things were just advancing on the quick side. Even my doctor said at my last appointment that the party could possibly get started a little early. I would totally be okay with this too! In my opinion, 38 weeks, let’s get going on this little event. Bring it baby boy! I believe that would bring us a little June Bug Baby and that could also mean some fun Canada Day celebrations for mama! At least a couple cold ones anyways! All joking aside though, if he is ready, so am I. Gear-wise I really am ready actually. I am super excited to try out some new products that I didn’t try with my first too. Here is a little snapshot into some goodies we will be debuting with the new gentleman in town.

K’Tan Baby Carrier – I have heard so many good things about this carrier. With Hallie, I had a long fabric wrap, can’t even remember the brand at this time. It was okay but truthfully, way too much fussing to get in on my body properly, let alone get an infant into it. I think I ‘wore’ her in it maybe three times around the house. One of those three times she enjoyed it and had a small snooze. The other times she screamed bloody murder and turned a dangerous shade of tomato red until I caved and took her out of it. Such a relaxed and chill baby I had there. She was however a huge fan of the Bjourn carrier. I think she just loved having an outside view, looking forward. We would wear that baby for walks and she was so happy. Slept like a champ in it too, even though her chubby cheeks would get all squishy and cute. I bought the Ergo when she was bigger and she liked that sometimes. You just can’t win with babies I swear. This little guy however will loves the K’Tan around the house and will be a dream in the Ergo when we go out. Best laid plans right?! Hah! Here’s hopin…

Modern Burlap Swaddle Blanket: Ice Cream Cone Print – I am in LOVE with this blanket. Trouble is, so is Hallie. I may just have to order a second one for the new baby. If I do, I love the Cactus Print. This swaddle blanket is extra large, perfect for really making a burrito out of that little baby. I just love the muslin fabric too. It will be so nice with our summer heat. Lastly, who can resist those cute prints!

City Select Double Stroller – So very excited about this new stroller! With Hallie, I had the Graco Click Connect and adored it. It was perfect for all of our ‘strolling’ needs and had an extra large shopping bin beneath, perfect for mommy’s shopping needs. When I found out I would be having my second baby and that both kids would be close in age, I knew I needed a stroller that would meet the needs of all three of us. I had my eye on this stroller for some time and was blessed that one of my best friends no longer needed hers. Lucky me! I have been using it with my daughter for about five months just with the one seat. It is a lot heavier than the Graco but has many features that outweigh that one negative feature. That is only with one seat too! I still need to add the other seat so no doubt, the weight will increase too. It does meet all of our needs, including our upcoming needs, and it nice on the eyes too though. Time to suck it mama! Good for the arms right?

4Moms Infant Seat – I am SOOOO excited about my 4Moms Infant Seat. It swings and rocks and is cute to boot! Best of all, it has a small and sturdy footprint. Our place is not big at all so though I loved my Graco swing that I used with my daughter, it took up half the living room. This one is much more compact and I can even have it up a bit higher if need be. Say on the table, out of the reach of tiny toddler hands. I can’t wait to use this baby! Lets hope baby boy loves it as much as I do.

Other than those items, I did stock up on extra cute outfits and somehow a ton of cute little man hats and shoes. I even found a mini Carhartt hat! I admit there is no where near as much cute stuff for boys as there is for girls, but I did manage to find some adorable looking things for this little guy to wear. I also plan to do some serious sewing too – maybe some rompers and anything with a bow tie. I have big plans for baby boy’s wardrobe!

So now we wait…… Can’t wait to get this party started. Terrified of labor but really excited to have him here!



Friday Favourites: Newborn Essentials Part Two

Like I said last Friday, I was completing a part two for favourites pertaining to baby boy. As I started looking online at clothing must-haves for him, I started coveting all sorts of ‘newborn items’ and put them together to share with you here. I feel that baby boy is going to be a wise soul. Perhaps even have an appreciation for vintage. Which is slightly the direction I would like to head with his ‘nursery space’ (read: section of my room). But for now, please enjoy these favourites:


Hot Air Balloon Blanket – This blanket caught my eye instantly on Etsy and it just might be the main inspiration and direction I take for the nursery. It’s still a bit early for deciding but i LOVE it! I also like to support small business owners on Etsy.

Little Bamboo Blankets – These are from West Coast Kids and look fantastic for the warmer months we will be enduring. There is something about the fabric that looks so fresh and breathable. Perfect for swaddling too.

Land of Nod Stuffies – These wise little stuffs look perfect for my wise little man. I love the vintage feel to them and how old-fashioned they are. Everyone needs a cute piglet too.

On The Sea Activity Mat – When I first thought of having a second babe I wanted to do an Under The Sea theme for their room. Part of me still likes that idea in which case this activity mat from the Land of Nod would be great. I love the fabric used, the texture and detail, even the color.

4 Moms Rockaroo – I am proud to say that I am a proud owner of this swing! I recently scored a second-hand one in perfect condition off of Craigslist. I can’t wait to try it out on baby boy. The reviews I have heard for this brand are awesome so I don’t doubt it will be all that it promises to be. That is pure magic of course.

Elephant Tummy Time Mat – I spotted this cutie elephant mat at Toys R Us and it is a great option instead of the Of The Sea Mat. I love the cuddly elephant and there is the option to take away the toys and just have him as an elephant seat when baby is a toddler. Pretty cute if you ask me!

Rubber Bottle Holder – I LOVE this idea! Obviously not when they are first-born but great for a few months old and if they are bottle fed. Hallie was and she was stubborn, always trying to hold her own bottle. I think this would ease a lot of frustration on the baby’s part. I can also say from experience that when they can hold their own bottle, it’s awesome!

Honest Company Diapers – Just keeping in tune with the hot air balloons….. don’t you just LOVE these?! Yes please!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you enjoyed this collection of favourites. Enjoy the weekend!

Friday Favourites: Baby Boy Edition (Part 1)

I promised last week that this week’s Friday Favourites would be one FOR THE BOYS! I have delivered too. It was actually quite challenging to do, I have to admit. Since I have been in ‘GIRL’ mode from the moment I found out I was pregnant with Hallie, it has taken some real switching gears to get enthused about boys. Of course I LOVE the idea of having a boy. I mean that it was hard to get excited about the clothes. They are not at all as fun as little lady tutus. But if you look in the right places, there are some very cute things for the baby gentlemen in this world. Once I started, it was actually hard to stop! My baby boy will be born in July and the weather is going to be HOT HOT HOT. That means a lot of onsies, rompers and cute shorts and tees. My husband seems to think a summer baby can just be naked all the time but I have a couple objections to that theory. It’s a newborn baby. They need to be toasty no matter what the weather. Plus, the air conditioning inside our house will no doubt be pumping in summertime which means baby boy will still need to be somewhat clothed. Lastly, most importantly, we are dealing with a loaded gun people! No way we are having that boy chilling in all his glory, peeing everywhere! It’s my first experience dealing with a boy and I will be taking all precautions necessary. Grandma has already bought me a supply of PeePee TeePees. I have heard they don’t work all that well but the theory behind it is GENUIS!

Another fun part of putting this post together was getting to look at all of the fun ‘newborn’ items you can get that I had forgotten all about using with Hallie. Feels like forever ago when our top priority of the morning was Tummy Time. Now our top priority rotates between cleaning up food that has been splattered all over the kitchen, or catching Hallie before she clogs the toilet with toys, eats a pair of my earrings, climbs ON TOP of the computer desk,, the list could go on and on here. It will be interesting (and slightly terrifying) to see how we balance out the day and priorities when I have my arms full of two babies. I am starting to really think it will be two babies as my daughter’s strong-willed independence seems to be fading this week. She still loves to play solo but she is needing ‘mummy’ a lot more. She constantly wants ‘up’ and is all about snuggling and hugs. I do not mind this at all either! I will take those baby snuggles and slobbery open mouth kisses all day long. It just may be slightly problematic with a newborn baby in one arm. Think I better perfect the art of baby wearing this time round. I got a bit lazy with her!

So with all of that being said, I am sharing not one, but TWO Friday Favourites with you broken down into two posts! The first one sharing some adorable swag that I am gonna need to get . I mean of course baby boy is going to be a stud but who can resist bow ties and houndstooth print in such a tiny size. Irresistible!

The second part of Friday Favourites is what I have called Newborn Must Haves. This of course, is absolutely not true for everyone. You each have your own list of essentials that you feel make life easier with a newborn. My list was probably different when I was preparing for Hallie. In fact, I should do another series on that! You can find the original posts here for newborn essentials or even more fun, monthly favourites through the first year (almost anyways) here. I would love to do an updated version tailored to baby boys, or even comparing the two! What I was trying to say though is you can probably live without have of the recommended items these days and raise your baby perfectly fine. But where is the fun in that? I love enjoying cool baby things! When else am I going to in life? As usual, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on what items you absolutely love for baby, and what you consider to be must haves for bringing up baby.. See the next post for all of this fun information!


Baby Boy Swag:

Batman Sleepers – How cute are these?! They are from H&M though they are sold out online. I am going to check them out in-store ad fingers crossed they have a selection there! One of my rules for sleepers now is they must be zippered. At least for the first four months. Snaps are the worst, especially in the middle of the night or when you are dealing with a major explosion. I mean the ones that are like Zero Dark Thirty and you need a team to go in there with you. Zippers make sense. That is all on this topic.

Baby Boy Shoes – I love baby shoes. They honestly make my heart beat a little faster. If they are too cute then I get a little teary eyed – oh hello hormones! Even though babies don’t do any walking for many, many months, I can’t resist dressing them in cute shoes. We have a wedding to go to a few weeks after baby boy arrives. I think a cute slip-on houndstooth print pair will be perfect for the occasion. I also love these ones from Baby Gap. Patent leather?! Yes please!

Mama Bear & Baby Bear Matching Tees – Did I mention I love to matchy match dress with Hallie? Well at least coordinate our outfits. I love these t-shirts so that I can coordinate with baby boy too. Not to mention my undying affection for ‘heather grey’. T-shirts and denim shorts are likely to be my go-to mom outfit this summer anyways.

Dino Hoodies – these hoodies have spikes on the hood to help him look more dinosaur like. Need I say more?

Chambray One-Piece Romper – This is the perfect gentleman’s outfit. It is dressy enough that it could be worn to events but looks simple and light-weight, perfect for our warm summer weather. Relatively easy to put on baby as well. This could also be a runner up piece for the wedding in which he will make his debut appearance to many people. Gotta dress to impress the ladies!

Dressy Onesie with Bow Tie – this is the next contender for the wedding. I don’t think I need to justify it’s cuteness, plus it is on sale right now. Who am I kidding anyways. He will be wearing things like this non-stop, not just for weddings hah! I see a lot of bow ties in our future.

Like I mentioned above, it was a challenge to narrow down some favourites in this category. I am glad it was though! This means there are plenty of cute options out there and that I can continue my baby clothes obsession. Words that every husband wants to hear I am sure! Stay tuned for Part Two Friday Favourites: Must Haves!

It’s A…. BOY!

So much for my theory on having two girls in tutus! We had our ultrasound and appointment on Monday and got the big news that baby number two is a BOY! Of course we are so happy and excited! It was a bit of a shock to me, only because for so long I envisioned another little lady joining us. I am getting used to the idea of a little gentleman though. I am hoping with the warmer weather coming soon (fingers crossed!) that some cute boy outfits start presenting themselves in stores. Right now it’s a little lacking. It is probably better that way though, one can get carried away shopping for newborn baby clothes! I started going through Hallie’s clothes to sell consignment or give to goodwill. What an emotional process! I have definitely shed some tears over her tiny onesies and adorable outfits. It is hard to believe my little girl was once so small! Where does the time go?! I blame a lot of the tears on pregnancy hormones too. Hubby has allowed me to keep TWO storage bins worth of my favourite baby girl clothes – I think he just felt so bad when he saw me on the living room floor over tiny pink Minimocs. So I have kept all my faves for baby number three…… yes I just said that! But for now, eye on the prize. Little man is joining us in four months! How quickly did that time pass?! We have had some real sunny days lately so all I can seem to think about is summertime, baby boy’s due date and how much fun we are going to have as a family this summer. With Hallie, I spent so much time planning her room and making sure we were getting everything we need. This baby doesn’t even have a room yet I am not too worried. I know there are a couple things I want to upgrade or get for this time round with a newborn. I just know that even if I don’t have everything or his ‘space’ (no room of his own so he get s space in my room hah) isn’t ready, we will be fine. We will be overwhelmed and it will be crazy for a little while but really, we will all be fine. We will all be loved. There happens to be a lot of love in this house!

Just for fun, I thought it would be fun to share some highlights and lowlights of this current stage in my pregnancy. I am a little over five months pregnant so well into the second trimester.

Cravings: Granny Smith Apples, Strawberries (actually any berry will do), Pepsi – all the time! So bad for you I know. Eggs with avocado and fresh ground pepper. WINE. Not that I indulge. But as soon as it’s sunny, I am salivating over thoughts of a chardonnay. As soon as it’s nighttime and I am sitting down to dinner, OR completely overwhelmed by the day with my cray cray toddler, I can’t help but envision a large glass of red wine. Overall I am really quite hungry all the time with this baby. Now that all of the morning sickness has passed!

Feeling: Good! Again, now that the grossness of the 1st trimester has subsided, I am feeling quite good. Some daily exercise and stretching has proven to be a key factor in feeling good but so far that has been pretty easy to achieve chasing Hallie around. Oh and lots of water! I have been drinking a TON of water and I believe that is playing a huge part.

Daily Challenges: Sleep. Pregnancy insomnia seems to settle in every few days. Which is the worst when you are exhausted. I seem to wake up at three in the morning and think about EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN! It’s not necessarily worry or stress but that hamster sure is running on his treadmill at the worst possible moments. How I long to sleep. All the time. I guess I will when the kids are like 18 years old.

Skin/Hair/Nails/Etc. : All women that I know have had exceptional luck during their pregnancies with hair growth. I am not in that circle of the lucky ones. My hair does not grow. In fact since my first baby, my hair seems to have thinned drastically at the sides. Hellion postpartum hair loss, lovely to meet you. You can piss off anytime! Nails seem to be doing okay. Skin is doing AMAZING! Though I do not thank pregnancy for that – I thank my daily regimen from Rodan + Fields with the weekly microdermabrasion facial for that. Oh and my eye cream! The results have been amazing so far and I have only been using the products since Christmas. LOVE! Thank goodness I sell it and get a good discount. So overall, looking like a glowing pregnant woman I suppose. Chubby middle and all! The downfall is this time round, I really have to make an effort to dress nice and not wear leggings EVERYDAY. With Hallie, I was managing a store, Anthropologie, and looking stylish was mandatory on a daily basis. Now I am working as a mom and there is no one here to raise an eye brow if I am still in my pjs at noon. I do try to dress up for most of the week. Not saying the ‘mom bun’ doesn’t present itself almost daily! Can’t win em’ all.

Looking Forward To: More baby kicks! He has really started moving in there and each time I feel kicks I get a huge smile on my face. I am also SO EXCITED for sunshine and warmer weather. I have some very cute dresses that will show off this bump perfectly but I am gonna need that warmer weather to wear them. Not to mention a bit of a tan!

Next week I am excited to share some Friday Favourites that will be entirely tailored to baby boys so be sure to check back. Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones and don’t forget to count those blessings. XO


We are early but we broke out the Easter Decor!