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Almost Baby Time!

36 weeks: Not Long To Go Now!

Well I am finally rounding the corner of the final countdown. Where it’s no longer three months to go, or two more months. We are officially in weeks people! 36 weeks and baby’s due date is creeping up very quickly. I know many women say this but I really don’t think I will make it to 40 weeks. This baby has just been ready to go for too long. He was head down at 28 weeks, which presented a whole world of discomfort that I was not ready for. I have also had this feeling the last couple months that things were just advancing on the quick side. Even my doctor said at my last appointment that the party could possibly get started a little early. I would totally be okay with this too! In my opinion, 38 weeks, let’s get going on this little event. Bring it baby boy! I believe that would bring us a little June Bug Baby and that could also mean some fun Canada Day celebrations for mama! At least a couple cold ones anyways! All joking aside though, if he is ready, so am I. Gear-wise I really am ready actually. I am super excited to try out some new products that I didn’t try with my first too. Here is a little snapshot into some goodies we will be debuting with the new gentleman in town.

K’Tan Baby Carrier – I have heard so many good things about this carrier. With Hallie, I had a long fabric wrap, can’t even remember the brand at this time. It was okay but truthfully, way too much fussing to get in on my body properly, let alone get an infant into it. I think I ‘wore’ her in it maybe three times around the house. One of those three times she enjoyed it and had a small snooze. The other times she screamed bloody murder and turned a dangerous shade of tomato red until I caved and took her out of it. Such a relaxed and chill baby I had there. She was however a huge fan of the Bjourn carrier. I think she just loved having an outside view, looking forward. We would wear that baby for walks and she was so happy. Slept like a champ in it too, even though her chubby cheeks would get all squishy and cute. I bought the Ergo when she was bigger and she liked that sometimes. You just can’t win with babies I swear. This little guy however will loves the K’Tan around the house and will be a dream in the Ergo when we go out. Best laid plans right?! Hah! Here’s hopin…

Modern Burlap Swaddle Blanket: Ice Cream Cone Print – I am in LOVE with this blanket. Trouble is, so is Hallie. I may just have to order a second one for the new baby. If I do, I love the Cactus Print. This swaddle blanket is extra large, perfect for really making a burrito out of that little baby. I just love the muslin fabric too. It will be so nice with our summer heat. Lastly, who can resist those cute prints!

City Select Double Stroller – So very excited about this new stroller! With Hallie, I had the Graco Click Connect and adored it. It was perfect for all of our ‘strolling’ needs and had an extra large shopping bin beneath, perfect for mommy’s shopping needs. When I found out I would be having my second baby and that both kids would be close in age, I knew I needed a stroller that would meet the needs of all three of us. I had my eye on this stroller for some time and was blessed that one of my best friends no longer needed hers. Lucky me! I have been using it with my daughter for about five months just with the one seat. It is a lot heavier than the Graco but has many features that outweigh that one negative feature. That is only with one seat too! I still need to add the other seat so no doubt, the weight will increase too. It does meet all of our needs, including our upcoming needs, and it nice on the eyes too though. Time to suck it mama! Good for the arms right?

4Moms Infant Seat – I am SOOOO excited about my 4Moms Infant Seat. It swings and rocks and is cute to boot! Best of all, it has a small and sturdy footprint. Our place is not big at all so though I loved my Graco swing that I used with my daughter, it took up half the living room. This one is much more compact and I can even have it up a bit higher if need be. Say on the table, out of the reach of tiny toddler hands. I can’t wait to use this baby! Lets hope baby boy loves it as much as I do.

Other than those items, I did stock up on extra cute outfits and somehow a ton of cute little man hats and shoes. I even found a mini Carhartt hat! I admit there is no where near as much cute stuff for boys as there is for girls, but I did manage to find some adorable looking things for this little guy to wear. I also plan to do some serious sewing too – maybe some rompers and anything with a bow tie. I have big plans for baby boy’s wardrobe!

So now we wait…… Can’t wait to get this party started. Terrified of labor but really excited to have him here!



Monthly Favourites

I have meant to get around to this post for some time and am excited to finally be caught up… for now anyway! As a new momma, every day I am learning what make life with a little one slightly easier. What makes my day run smoother. I also have discovered through trial and error what my baby likes and products that work well for her. (more…)