New Season, New Blog Posts . .Hopefully!

Sorry for the total radio silence over here! I can’t even remember the last time I sat down and had some free time on my laptop. It is rare and when it happens I usually waste time on Pinterest! So let’s see what has been going on…
Summer went by in the blink of an eye. As per usual we got inundated with smoke from the forest fires. It unfortunately has become the norm for Interior BC. Well actually a lot more areas than that but those are where the fires are that effect our breathing space. It is not only horrible to be happening in the first place but really puts a damper on the summer fun when you can’t breathe fresh air or see the skyline. We still managed to make the most of it though and got in lots of camping and lake time. Feels like forever ago but the warmer temps are long gone as are our tan lines. Till next time summer, you were a peach! No complaints for fall though. It is one of my favourite times of year, especially here in Kamloops. The colours are stunning and for the most part we have sunny days. Crisp but sunny. A few months ago we removed a few fruit trees from our yard so the leaves clean up is pretty minimal this October. In a way that is great but it also took away a lot of fun for the kids. They love playing in the piles of leaves, as most kids do. Still my raking time has been drastically reduced. I will take it!


We are in the throes of Halloween as it is only a few days away. A local landscape company put on fireworks last weekend which was a blast. The fireworks were fantastic though the fact that EVERY CHILD in Kamloops was in attendance made the whole event a little overwhelming. Not to mention my daughter sliced her tiny finger open getting it caught in the port-o-potty door, followed by a bad reaction to too much candy and the site of blood and puking all over me. All is well now but I will not be surprised if we have trouble getting her back in one of those again when its potty time at a public event. Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year so that means Hallie has preschool for half of the day, followed by an afternoon/evening of Trick-Or-Treating and large amounts of sugar. It will no doubt be a very long day, but hey that is what it’s all about!



I love, love, love Halloween but this year i have found it challenging to really get into the swing of things. We still have yet to carve pumpkins and the decorations are not up to the usual Hayward standards. We will have to make up for it next year and go all out! Or maybe we will make up for it this Christmas. The kids are already asking me when the Christmas tree will be arriving. God help my husband, they are turning into Christmas obsessed little monsters, just like their momma. Speaking of monsters….. The phases these two are in at the moment are quite the treat! That was some thinly veiled sarcasm in case no one picked up on it. Jackson is two and is … emotional. A mama’s boy. Stubborn. Sweet as pie. Constantly running around. Oh and hates sleeping. Hallie just turned four. Also emotional. Slightly bipolar it seems at times. Very attached to mom. Heart of cold. Extremely sensitive. They love and hate each other fiercely and like to drive me bonkers. Can’t wait to see what the next phase is like! Often leaving the house with them is extremely daunting but it’s exactly what they need most of the time. That or a tranquilizer… I mean they are perfect little angels and I am never annoyed at them (eye rolls here!). Time and time again I keep telling myself I need to read a parenting book or meditate or work on my patience…. but when I actually have time to think about these self-improvement plans, I end up wasting time googling home decor ideas and recipes on Pinterest. I tried listening to some parenting podcasts on a recent road trip to Vancouver (for a little Luke Bryan baby!) and after four of them I was so annoyed at the people speaking, the sound of their voices was making me cringe. Not to mention I was with Henry and he couldn’t stop making fun of them so it took all of the learning right out of the activity. Sometimes I think parenting is just a survival game. And your weapon of choice is coffee or wine. At least mine is! So now that we are up to date on current events, where are we headed. November is busy. I have limited my business to three local events, including one at a winery. I need to shift the focus of the business to more online presence. The markets just take a bit too much time when you factor in load-in, being there and taking everything down. So I hope to focus on building up the website which you can check out here, and developing the brand on Etsy. If any of you have experience in building your business on Etsy I would love to hear from you! It seems a bit daunting but I know it needs to be done. November will also present some health commitments including flu shots for the kids and the usual dentist visits. Can’t wait for those! Again, sarcasm detected here. We will also begin the slow filtration of ‘winter decor’ which really is my way of decorating for Christmas early. I usually stick to natural tones though so it’s not too obvious (to the husband) and wait for December for the festive pops of colour. Just a hint we are going to play with a lot of greenery and wood this year. I think it’s time I learned how to use power tools. My DIY to-do list is far too long for a certain handy husband. In the next few weeks though I hope to share some DIY decor projects we have already completed, some recipes I am loving at the moment, and some holiday plans and bucket list items we intend to tick off this winter. So stay tuned for some fun, I promise to make more time for sharing on here.






Summertime Salads


Summertime weather seems to be in full swing here in Kamloops. Has been for a bit now. With the warmer weather we tend to gear more towards easy meals that mostly include the BBQ and salads. We are also blessed to be living in an area that is extremely kind and fruitful to growing gardens. No joke, these garden beds are almost on steroids. Something about the dryer climate makes them flourish. Early. Everything is ready to start picking (and enjoying!) and we haven;t even hit July. This is my third year working on my gardening skills and I must say, every year comes with new lessons. The first year, only plant what you are going to eat. This is also the year I discovered I do not like kale. I hope the Food Bank did as they received A LOT of it. The second year, I learned the importance of spacing and seed quantity control. This year, it almost looks like I have a tiny idea of what I am doing out there. So far so good but one never wants to jinx themselves! Our crop this year includes peas, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, a strawberry patch, a pumpkin patch, cucumbers, and a large variety of peppers. We are big salsa and ‘mexican night’ people so it’s important to have a nice selection of peppers ranging from sweet to mild to burn your booty off. With all of these fresh veggies it of course leads me to looking at new recipes and different ways to use them. Enter Pinterest, as usual. So today I want to share with you not only some fantastic summer salad recipes but also some dressings – many of these can be used as a marinade too. It’s kind of a let your senses guide you situation in my kitchen with very little rules. I often go with my gut and maybe I just have a husband that loves all of my cooking, but things tend to go over pretty well. Now if I could just get my extremely picky children on board. If you have a toddler that eats salad, applause to you mama!

Garbanzo Summer Salad with Creamy Dill Dressing – I can’t wait to try this one! It looks like a hot mess with all of my favourite friends. Perfect to compliment any meal and looks like a great potluck option.

Honey Mustard Chicken Avacado & Bacon Salad – Ok this one is amazing. My mouth is watering just reading the ingredients. This link has a huge collection of healthy recipes to try out but number one on the list is the one I am referring too.

Cranberry Almond Spinach Salad – I am not crazy about spinach but I like the sounds of this one. Cranberries are the best addition to salads.

Tomato Basil Avocado Mozzarella Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette – YUM. That is all.

Thai Noodle Salad – I often forget salads don’t have to be composed of lettuce. This is a great ‘side salad’ for asian infused meals.

Shame Shame Double Shame!

If you are the author of your own blog, then you know it takes a fair bit of commitment and diligence to keep up a regular post routine. You really have to stay on top of your writing game and exercise willpower to ensure your posts stay up to date. The minute you start taking breaks (or two weeks off in my case) you start to lose motivation and your initial inspiration that makes you write in the first place. I am thinking it was just life’s overall busyness that got in the way but over the last couple weeks, I couldn’t even find time to relax. It seemed every waking moment that my baby girl had, I spent running around keeping up with her. If it wasn’t her it was the endless mounds of laundry or the never-ending housework. Throw in multiple craft and DIY projects that I HAD to start all at the same time for some reason, and well there just wasn’t any free time to write. When kiddo was asleep I was either trying to accomplish some sewing or I was staring aimlessly at Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram searching for inspiration/wasting time. It’s like pure parental exhaustion sets in and the mind is capable of only staring at a computer screen of pictures. I didn’t even try to watch television. That seemed like too much work hah. I feel like the root of these busy days is a slight issue with time management that I will need to rectify pretty darn quick if I ever want to accomplish anything ever again. Unless I am not alone here? Is it a pregnant thing? Is it just too hard to stay organized when you are preggo and kept busy by the world’s busiest toddler? Good gracious I pray I am not alone. I do think if I get back in the habit of lists, using my planner and updating my whiteboard calendar (which is still on March), I might feel that I have a TINY bit of control in this crazy household. July is coming so soon too! Before I know it, there are going to be TWO BABIES needing my constant attention…..and then I am not sure what happens to the rest of that to-do list. Put on hold until they go off to kindergarten I imagine. Because after all, they are the number one’s. I jumped on my laptop earlier today actually thinking ‘ Okay! Let’s get a post done!’. Simultaneously, Hallie took a bit of a turn after her nap and was completely miserable with a fever. The afternoon quickly turned into cuddles, cartoons and anything that would bring a smile to that goofy’s goose’s face. No time for blogging when tiny hands need to hold onto yours! So presently, that is where we are at in the Hayward House. A million projects on the go, tons of things to do, two tiny toddler hands to hold, and not enough hours to do it all in. I am giving myself a bit of homework to get cracking on some posts and STICK TO POSTING THEM! No more falling off the wagon.. For now I am going to share an overload of pictures that can sum up just how busy the last little while has been. Hope you are having a great week and looking forward to a beautiful weekend ahead!

Getting our gardening on! Everyday we are outside it seems. We are working on two giant boxes for veggies and this is my succulent garden on the front porch. Loving how it turned out! Next on the list is some potted plants and flowers for some vintage crates, also for the porch.



Bathroom Renovation! This was completely unintentional. I had wanted to paint the bathroom white FOREVER! It was the sickening peach color, much like the rest of our house – which I intend to paint before baby boy arrives. Crazy much?! Anyways, things sort of took a domino effect and before I knew it, we had completely changed up the entire design of the bathroom. LOVING it so much! Next I would like to paint the vanity cupboards with some plaster paint, just to tie it in with all of the other neutrals. But overall, very happy with how it turned out.


This next series of photographs is simply me trying to keep up with my crazy baby girl! Sure keeps me on my toes this one!



Dreaded 18 month immunizations – took it like a champ!

If only all days could be THIS peaceful…

Lastly, parents weekend away to attend a friend’s wedding. I still stand by my theory that weddings are way more fun when you can drink. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful wedding and a really great weekend. Not to mention I had the hottest date at the party. Hellooooooo three piece suit! #love #myhubbyishot


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