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Friday Favourites

TGIF! There is just something about Fridays that just feels good, don’t you agree? Even though I do not work a Monday to Friday job, I still try to keep routine throughout the week, and Fridays still feel like Fridays did when I used to work in an office or the store. Of course, they feel a lot better when you can kick of the weekend with a cocktail at 5pm. Not this girl. Sparkling apple juice for me I suppose!

I wanted to kick off this Friday Favourites by sharing some of my top beauty picks. I recently went on a bit of a shopping spree at Sephora and Nordstrom and have a few select favourites to share. I also want to share my Rodan + Fields obsession. Not only do I get to sell fantastic skincare products, I use them personally and get to reap the benefits of that on a daily basis. So here they are!


1.) Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara – I have such a hard time choosing a mascara. Do I want to curl, add volume, lengthen, the options are endless. How IS a girl to choose? I am obsessed with this particular mascara. It separates perfectly, adds a nice amount of definition and length, and NO clumps! I purchased mine at Shoppers Drug Mart.

2.) Sephora Collection Illuminator – Even in the dead of winter, this illuminating powder gives the perfect dusting and glow. Can’t wait till summertime brings me a natural tan to go with it.

3.) Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner – This eyeliner is so easy to apply. Even for you shaky hand gals, like myself. This liquid liner glides on, creating the perfect jet black sweep across your lid. Easily makes even tips as well should you be looking for a more dramatic look. It lasts all day, looking just as good at bedtime as it did in the morning when you applied it. I used to purchase this at my friends boutique Wishlist, however they are moving to be an online store only.

4.) Hidden Corrective Concealer – I picked up this bad boy at Sephora. I have tried a few concealers in my day. Some good, some not so good at all. Once I experienced the sleep deprivation that parenthood presented to me, I thought I would never have well-rested looking eyes again. I welcomed the dark circles and assumed they were the trade off for having such a beautiful baby. THEN, I found this concealer. Also from Sephora, this concealer is exactly what it says it is. Corrective. Not only does it hide fine lines and dark circles, It’s a dream to put on and feels like it is GOOD for my delicate eye skin. I doubt I will ever change concealers after using this one.

5.) Rodan + Fields Restorative Eye Cream – Much like my reasons listed above, eyes can be a very revealing area of your face. Late nights, stress, poor eating, dehydration, being a MOM! All these things can really take a toll on your poor mommy eyes. This eye cream is amazing. I have been using it since Christmas and am already seeing rather dramatic results. I think hospitals should be giving out new mom packages when you leave the hospital and THIS cream should be at the top of the gift list. Remove eye make up and combat fine lines and dark circles even further with the eye cloths. I stand by this product 100% and am so excited that I get to spread the message to other mommies – your tired eyes can be saved!

6.) the lip scrub – There are many lip scrub versions out there and generally all do the same thing. I happen to love this one simply for the flavour and scent. Lip skin is so very sensitive and needs to be cared for on a regular basis. Especially living in Kamloops! This long winter exposure is new to me and had left me with very weathered lips. No puckering up for this girl! I love this stuff- it has brought my pout back to life. (Note: Take a look at Pinterest for some great recipes and ideas on making your own lip scrub! Makes a great hostess gift too in a mini mason jar!)

7.) Chanel Eyeshadow Palette – I love the ombre shades of this eyeshadow palette. There is something for every occasion whether it be home with the kids or heading out for a night on the town. They blend so nicely together, hence the ‘ombre’! Top quality shadows as well, they look freshly applied even when you are about to take it off before bed. Always one to impress Coco. =)

When it comes down to it, I could shop for cosmetics anytime. There are so many fun options out there, for all tastes, and at every price point. I think as a new mom I forgot about my face for a little while. It’s easy to just slop on some lip gloss and throw your hair up in the ‘mom-bun’ and go about your day with a baby. We need to remember how good we used to make ourselves look pre-baby and how good that made us FEEL. That is what is important and I believe. Look good to feel good. I love trying out these different products, experimenting with new looks, and always having fun with it. Life is too short for crappy lipstick right?

Happy Friday friends! Enjoy the weekend!