two babies under two

And Another Baby Makes Four!

Well the day finally came! A little bit early but on Monday, July 4th I started having contractions while marathon watching Season 5 of SUITS on Netflix. On Tuesday, July 5th at 1:35am, my baby boy came into the world! Very quickly and furiously might I add.

Full disclosure: I started writing this post on July 7th…. It is now the middle of AUGUST! The absence is a perfect way to show the chaos that ensued having two babies in the house. Sure, have another baby they said. It will be a piece of cake, your second time round, you will be full of confidence and life will be bliss. SAID NO ONE EVER THAT HAS TWO BABIES. I have to stress the baby factor too. Two kids, I am positive, is a complete shit show of it’s own. Babies are in their own realm of insanity. Especially when one is a newborn and cannot ANYTHING and relies on you for everything in this world, down to their breathing. The other is not even two, has entered the tantrum phase early, communicates in her own language, and is what I can only politely call a ‘very free spirit’. Bless that girl and I love her more than anything but she cannot be trusted. Turn your back for one second and she is dancing on cold cuts of salami in the kitchen, covered in chalk and filling up the garbage can with items out of your purse. It’s raining VISA and gift cards in my house whenever she gets her hands on it. One look at that devilish grin though and my heart melts. It’s a good thing I don’t care too much about my sanity because it went out the window long ago.

So the new guy… Old man Jackson! Jackson Leo Hayward is his full name and my oh my, does it suit him. I don’t think he could have pulled off any of the modern and hip names that made the cut on our list. Jackson is modern but the ability to shorten it down to Jack, really depicts his traditional style. He is the oldest little baby I have ever seen and I just love that old man to pieces. He likes really warm baths, warm feet, being cuddled ALL THE TIME, and making strange noises all night long. Boy does his big sister love him too! There are kisses on the forehead every morning, and mama drama tries to help me all day long. Whether it’s getting a diaper (which translates to dumping a bin of diapers all over her room) or taking his dirty diaper to the diaper genie (I am really hoping they all go in there, and I don’t start finding soiled nappies in awkward places in my house!). I know she just means so well so it gets her off the hook of even the worst mishaps. Blame it on that smile! Honestly, it’s all new and every day a new tornado strikes itself right down in the middle of all that is calm. Till I know what the heck I am doing, there is always coffee and wine!

So to keep things fun and simple while I jump back in the blogging game, I felt it would be appropriate to do a little:


1.) Every night that I go to bed I am completely terrified that THAT will be the night my sweet baby boy stops his ‘newborn sleeping’ (which is shitty already might I add) and then I will forever be awake. Deprived of precious sleep that I worked so hard to get back (which I never really got back).

2.) Every day with my darling daughter has been testing my patience. No one warns you about how understanding and patient a mother needs to be. Even when it seems that all you can do is lose your shit, you need to come down to that level and try and figure out what the hell they are trying to do/are freaking out about/screaming and crying about. It’s an even bigger mystery when they cannot talk and communicate to you yet and you end up playing charades with your bawling toddler in the meat department at Superstore, trying to identify what on earth she is trying to say or do.

3.) I know for certain the cashier at that same grocery overheard me call my toddler an asshole under my breathe as I picked up all of items off the floor that she had thrown out of the cart upon checking out.

4.) I may have hid from everyone in my house the other day with a glass  of wine in my closet.

5.) I worry non-stop about everyone, even the dog, that they may be feeling left out or not loved enough.

6.) I have heated more food in the oven than I have cooked, but passed off the credit as my own of course.

7.) I am certain the word ‘NO’ has become a permanent part of my vocabulary and it’s actually bumming me out. I need to really think about WHY I am saying it in the first place and how I can redirect this crazy behaviour. Perhaps I need a good parenting book, but who the heck has time to read these days anyways?!

8.) I did not find a dried up chicken tender at the bottom of my purse.

9.) I do not wish every day was Bachelor in Paradise Day.

Can you spot the lie?

First picture as a couple!

My Old Man Jack! (Pants are from Target, Muslin Swaddle Blanket, Modern Burlap)

Girlfriend is CRAZYYYYY!

Just ‘Old Man-ing..’

The two that steal my heart, day in and day out.

(When did the toddler start to look like a GIANT!?)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Almost Baby Time!

36 weeks: Not Long To Go Now!

Well I am finally rounding the corner of the final countdown. Where it’s no longer three months to go, or two more months. We are officially in weeks people! 36 weeks and baby’s due date is creeping up very quickly. I know many women say this but I really don’t think I will make it to 40 weeks. This baby has just been ready to go for too long. He was head down at 28 weeks, which presented a whole world of discomfort that I was not ready for. I have also had this feeling the last couple months that things were just advancing on the quick side. Even my doctor said at my last appointment that the party could possibly get started a little early. I would totally be okay with this too! In my opinion, 38 weeks, let’s get going on this little event. Bring it baby boy! I believe that would bring us a little June Bug Baby and that could also mean some fun Canada Day celebrations for mama! At least a couple cold ones anyways! All joking aside though, if he is ready, so am I. Gear-wise I really am ready actually. I am super excited to try out some new products that I didn’t try with my first too. Here is a little snapshot into some goodies we will be debuting with the new gentleman in town.

K’Tan Baby Carrier – I have heard so many good things about this carrier. With Hallie, I had a long fabric wrap, can’t even remember the brand at this time. It was okay but truthfully, way too much fussing to get in on my body properly, let alone get an infant into it. I think I ‘wore’ her in it maybe three times around the house. One of those three times she enjoyed it and had a small snooze. The other times she screamed bloody murder and turned a dangerous shade of tomato red until I caved and took her out of it. Such a relaxed and chill baby I had there. She was however a huge fan of the Bjourn carrier. I think she just loved having an outside view, looking forward. We would wear that baby for walks and she was so happy. Slept like a champ in it too, even though her chubby cheeks would get all squishy and cute. I bought the Ergo when she was bigger and she liked that sometimes. You just can’t win with babies I swear. This little guy however will loves the K’Tan around the house and will be a dream in the Ergo when we go out. Best laid plans right?! Hah! Here’s hopin…

Modern Burlap Swaddle Blanket: Ice Cream Cone Print – I am in LOVE with this blanket. Trouble is, so is Hallie. I may just have to order a second one for the new baby. If I do, I love the Cactus Print. This swaddle blanket is extra large, perfect for really making a burrito out of that little baby. I just love the muslin fabric too. It will be so nice with our summer heat. Lastly, who can resist those cute prints!

City Select Double Stroller – So very excited about this new stroller! With Hallie, I had the Graco Click Connect and adored it. It was perfect for all of our ‘strolling’ needs and had an extra large shopping bin beneath, perfect for mommy’s shopping needs. When I found out I would be having my second baby and that both kids would be close in age, I knew I needed a stroller that would meet the needs of all three of us. I had my eye on this stroller for some time and was blessed that one of my best friends no longer needed hers. Lucky me! I have been using it with my daughter for about five months just with the one seat. It is a lot heavier than the Graco but has many features that outweigh that one negative feature. That is only with one seat too! I still need to add the other seat so no doubt, the weight will increase too. It does meet all of our needs, including our upcoming needs, and it nice on the eyes too though. Time to suck it mama! Good for the arms right?

4Moms Infant Seat – I am SOOOO excited about my 4Moms Infant Seat. It swings and rocks and is cute to boot! Best of all, it has a small and sturdy footprint. Our place is not big at all so though I loved my Graco swing that I used with my daughter, it took up half the living room. This one is much more compact and I can even have it up a bit higher if need be. Say on the table, out of the reach of tiny toddler hands. I can’t wait to use this baby! Lets hope baby boy loves it as much as I do.

Other than those items, I did stock up on extra cute outfits and somehow a ton of cute little man hats and shoes. I even found a mini Carhartt hat! I admit there is no where near as much cute stuff for boys as there is for girls, but I did manage to find some adorable looking things for this little guy to wear. I also plan to do some serious sewing too – maybe some rompers and anything with a bow tie. I have big plans for baby boy’s wardrobe!

So now we wait…… Can’t wait to get this party started. Terrified of labor but really excited to have him here!


All Of The Things

I am titling this post ‘all of the things’ because that is literally what we have been doing – all of the things! Every since I got back into sewing and started my little side baby biz, every day seems to be jam-packed with things to do. Whether it be for that, or for playing catchup on getting housework done (yuck, who needs that), getting ready for baby boy, or simply having fun with Hallie. Life has been BUSY! Makes me wonder how much busier it can get when the second baby arrives but I am trying not to think too much about that. Now that we are living in Kamloops too, the weather is much warmer than on the coast. It feels like summer as already arrived. It was 20 degrees this morning on my back patio. As I hide out under the patio table umbrella mid-afternoon, it is actually a scorching 32! It’s only a couple days into June too! July and August are going to be much hotter. I foresee lots of beach time and water parks in our near future.

So a little recap on the business and life with a crazy toddler!

I do not have a website or an Etsy page yet (YET!) but I have started a Facebook page. Please feel free to wander over here and check it out, or my Instagram feed here. Even without a huge social media presence, things have been picking up nicely. I have had a number of online orders and am getting some action by participating in the weekly Farmer’s Market. So far the response has been great and people are LOVING what I am making. Here’s hoping it just gets better! Once I square away some free time (that doesn’t exist) I hope to set up a website and have a proper ordering system. If you have done this, message me tips! Help a fellow mama out! It’s all very new to me and I often feel like I am fumbling my way through the dark. Fun & scary!

Trying to manage all of that with a toddler certainly has been interesting. Every single day that child is more full of life and personality than the day before. She is WILD too! Her current obsessions include closing all of the doors in the house, jumping on my bed and burying herself under pillows, screwing and unscrewing lids to squeeze pouches, watered down iced-tea, bananas, and helping pick up dog poop. In keeping up with her love for dogs, her favourite show appears to be Paw Patrol and choice of music still appears to be hip hop. We are hanging on by a thread to spoon feeding though I see the end of that happening soon enough. Miss independent love to feed herself while simultaneously launching food across the kitchen at my head. Each mealtime is it’s own adventure, full of messy surprises. With all of her development and total toddler craziness comes a whole lotta love. She is so affectionate and obsessed with mummy and daddy. Loves to cuddle and hold hands. Sometimes I wonder how my heart will grow bigger and fit MORE love for another baby. I am told it happens quite naturally. Can’t wait to experience it first hand! Only about five more weeks to go and I will be knee deep in baby love for TWO kiddos.

The pregnancy is going well I guess. Not as enjoyable as my first. This time round there is a lot more discomfort and overall body pain. There was way more ‘morning sickness’ that occurred all damn day and night and in general, I have complained a lot more. My husband has been a saint of sorts. But we are the final countdown and I have been healthy throughout so there is absolutely no reason at all to be such a whiner. My doctor even offered to do a sweep at 38 weeks, thinking I am probably ready to get this party started. After weighing the options, I am all for it. Maybe baby boy will be a little bit early.

Last but not least is the life adjustment of having my mom living close by. By close by, I mean downstairs! I love having her here. Boy does Hallie love it too. There is something to be said though about another ‘parent’ around. Sometimes I feel there are now three adults trying to raise my kid. It can be quite trying on my patience actually. I keep telling myself that God helps us through these situations but giving us the opportunity to BE more patient. I think Oprah has said that too. Moments where we can really stand up, look deep into who we are, maybe bite our tongues a bit and smile through it LOL! I think it is easier to do that too with a bit of wine, which I plan to have plenty of help from this summer. Anyone else back to living close to their parents now that they are adulating with their own family? Feeling like a teenager again? I would love to hear your experiences, the good the bad and the ugly.

For now, back to juggling it all! My next post I am so excited to share some home projects I have been working on as well as getting the back patio ready for some serious summer lounging. Hope the sun is shining where you are and you are enjoying the day, and all that it brings!






Shame Shame Double Shame!

If you are the author of your own blog, then you know it takes a fair bit of commitment and diligence to keep up a regular post routine. You really have to stay on top of your writing game and exercise willpower to ensure your posts stay up to date. The minute you start taking breaks (or two weeks off in my case) you start to lose motivation and your initial inspiration that makes you write in the first place. I am thinking it was just life’s overall busyness that got in the way but over the last couple weeks, I couldn’t even find time to relax. It seemed every waking moment that my baby girl had, I spent running around keeping up with her. If it wasn’t her it was the endless mounds of laundry or the never-ending housework. Throw in multiple craft and DIY projects that I HAD to start all at the same time for some reason, and well there just wasn’t any free time to write. When kiddo was asleep I was either trying to accomplish some sewing or I was staring aimlessly at Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram searching for inspiration/wasting time. It’s like pure parental exhaustion sets in and the mind is capable of only staring at a computer screen of pictures. I didn’t even try to watch television. That seemed like too much work hah. I feel like the root of these busy days is a slight issue with time management that I will need to rectify pretty darn quick if I ever want to accomplish anything ever again. Unless I am not alone here? Is it a pregnant thing? Is it just too hard to stay organized when you are preggo and kept busy by the world’s busiest toddler? Good gracious I pray I am not alone. I do think if I get back in the habit of lists, using my planner and updating my whiteboard calendar (which is still on March), I might feel that I have a TINY bit of control in this crazy household. July is coming so soon too! Before I know it, there are going to be TWO BABIES needing my constant attention…..and then I am not sure what happens to the rest of that to-do list. Put on hold until they go off to kindergarten I imagine. Because after all, they are the number one’s. I jumped on my laptop earlier today actually thinking ‘ Okay! Let’s get a post done!’. Simultaneously, Hallie took a bit of a turn after her nap and was completely miserable with a fever. The afternoon quickly turned into cuddles, cartoons and anything that would bring a smile to that goofy’s goose’s face. No time for blogging when tiny hands need to hold onto yours! So presently, that is where we are at in the Hayward House. A million projects on the go, tons of things to do, two tiny toddler hands to hold, and not enough hours to do it all in. I am giving myself a bit of homework to get cracking on some posts and STICK TO POSTING THEM! No more falling off the wagon.. For now I am going to share an overload of pictures that can sum up just how busy the last little while has been. Hope you are having a great week and looking forward to a beautiful weekend ahead!

Getting our gardening on! Everyday we are outside it seems. We are working on two giant boxes for veggies and this is my succulent garden on the front porch. Loving how it turned out! Next on the list is some potted plants and flowers for some vintage crates, also for the porch.



Bathroom Renovation! This was completely unintentional. I had wanted to paint the bathroom white FOREVER! It was the sickening peach color, much like the rest of our house – which I intend to paint before baby boy arrives. Crazy much?! Anyways, things sort of took a domino effect and before I knew it, we had completely changed up the entire design of the bathroom. LOVING it so much! Next I would like to paint the vanity cupboards with some plaster paint, just to tie it in with all of the other neutrals. But overall, very happy with how it turned out.


This next series of photographs is simply me trying to keep up with my crazy baby girl! Sure keeps me on my toes this one!



Dreaded 18 month immunizations – took it like a champ!

If only all days could be THIS peaceful…

Lastly, parents weekend away to attend a friend’s wedding. I still stand by my theory that weddings are way more fun when you can drink. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful wedding and a really great weekend. Not to mention I had the hottest date at the party. Hellooooooo three piece suit! #love #myhubbyishot


Ah Friday….again haha. Looks like all I can manage right now are Friday posts…. I don’t know if it’s because we are wrapping up a huge renovation downstairs, or if it’s because I am pregnant, or because every day my toddler seems to have more and more energy. Maybe it’s a combination of all three. I am friggin’ exhausted! Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Jumping on here to write a post every couple days has just been impossible it seems. Not going to lie, I have had the best of intentions. Sometimes the day just manages to fly by though and there is not enough time. Tonight however I have managed to convert my mindless perusing on Pinterest into a collection of Friday Favourites to share with you. My mind is on babies and sunshine right now so they generally all are taking on that direction!

This Learning Tower is so awesome! I think we are a tiny bit early for Hallie but soon enough, this will be perfect for her! She can stand right up to the kitchen counter and ‘help me’ bake and be apart of the kitchen action. Perfect for water play in the sink as well. If we had it now though I am scared it would be used as a climbing apparatus and we would quickly have tears and broken bones!

This site here has some amazing ideas for creating all sorts of fun in the yard for kiddos this summer. My absolute favourite is the outdoor kitchen. I love the one side of the sink with dirt and the other with water and all the tools and pots and pans you need right there on hand.I can see Hallie making a big muddy mess and having a ton of fun doing it! All outside where the dirt belongs and clean up is a dream.

Speaking of being outdoors in the sunshine, this romper/sandal combo has stolen my heart! Is it not the sweetest little boho toddler outfit you have ever seen!? I happen to know a little lady who could pull it off perfectly. Yum! This Little Arrows Romper also gets me in the feels but I think it might be more for a newborn or at least a bit younger than my wild woman…. we will find out Monday though if a little lady or a little gentleman will join us in July so lets not cross it off the list just yet!

Onto newborn babies, I am obsessed with Little Unicorn Swaddle Blankets. They have the sweetest prints for tiny babes. I find it impossible to settle on just one. I am personally in love with the Garden Rose Set and the Berry Lemonade Set – hello summer!

This hanging cradle would be so perfect with the new baby when the weather turns warm. We have a large covered back patio and it’s a spring project to really baby proof it and set it up so that we can spend many afternoons out there, should the sweltering heat permit. I think it would be so sweet to have a peaceful rocking cradle just hanging there for babes number two while Hallie and I busy ourselves on the deck. Might have to draft up a little design for hubby to make me one!

Lastly, I love this idea of a Busy Board. Can’t decide it it’s too young for Hallie or too advanced for the new baby, probably both! Either way though I like it and I think someone will benefit from it, hopefully both. I keep wanting to say ‘the girls’! Ah!!!! MONDAY CAN’T COME QUICK ENOUGH! I have no patience left. Need to know if this baby is a boy or a girl now! I know, all you surprise lovers are just hating me right now.

Happy Friday friends! Here is a summer shot just for fun, since we are dreaming of all this sunshine.


A New Year

Hello! It is completely shameful that I have not written a post since Christmas! I do have excuses, I promise, and most of them valid. Christmas was wonderful. Very relaxing, Hallie had a ball with her gifts and all of festive fun. I know that each year as she gets older it will get better and better. Next year she will understand a bit more and I just know she will love Christmas just like her momma.

We didn’t have long to relax after the overindulgent holiday as we took off to visit family in Vancouver as of the 27th of December. We spent the week living in a hotel, eating out for most meals and visiting friends and family. While all of this sounds like a good time, doing it with a toddler presented it’s challenges. I am not sure if it was just a overstimulating time (Christmas) or living in a different environment, but kiddo just wouldn’t nap. This was fine until we reached about 4pm each day. She would start to show signs of crankiness and boredom, eventually resulting in a full on public meltdown in a restaurant during dinner. I know it wasn’t her fault, she was just exhausted and they were all very long days. But girlfriend should just listen to her momma and take a GD nap once in awhile! The best meltdown was in a little Italian joint my dad took us to. We had a large group and were seated right near the front entrance, why I am still not sure. It was a busy night so there was a wait for tables. Multiple families basically stood on top of us, hovering and watching us eat as they waited for their own table. It was awkward to say the least. About twenty minutes into being seated, Hallie decided she no longer wanted to sit in the highchair. She would rather run around. That not being an option, she decided to scream a lot. A kind waiter distracted her with an orange popsicle. The lovely orange popsicle very quickly ended up all over my face and in my hair. Onlookers stared at me with judgemental eyes as I tried to contain my screaming child who was now convulsing at this point, trying to escape my hold. I swear none of these people had kids. It’s parent code to look away in such scenarios or at least smile sympathetically and wink like you know exactly how it feels. Not these jerks. Finally, I had an AH-HA moment which also might be viewed as a fail to some people. I pulled out my phone, propped it up on the salt & pepper shakers, and put Paw Patrol episodes on repeat. Folks, we have some peace. Everyone can finish their meals and the dagger eyes from strangers can cease. Thank the lord for those Paw Patrol pups is all I gotta say! That was probably the most chaotic episode during our trip. It doesn’t matter anyways. Two hours later they do something so gosh darn cute that your heart melts into a million pieces and you just want to hold them close. That is what babies bring, all sorts of moments. I am blessed and thankful for even those crazy ones.

We drove home to a very snowy Kamloops on New Years Eve. Our neighbours were having a party so the kids got to run around burning all of their energy before bed. I managed a tiny glass go champaign since it was a special occasion, and retired home with Hallie at about 7:30pm. Not going to lie either, I was asleep by 10. New Years is for the energetic folks. Even though my participation in New Year’s Eve was low, I am so excited that it is a new year. It’s going to be a great one! We have a few exciting things going on here.

Hallie – always growing, always surprising us and keeping us on our toes. This will be a fun year for her for sure.

Baby two – coming this July! Can’t come quick enough. This pregnancy has wreaked absolute HAVOC on my body. So different from the first time round. I am so thankful to be going through it all obviously but the symptoms are really hard to handle. Looking forward to the second trimester!

Hubby has gone back to school! Sort of… He will be doing online studies to obtain his realtor’s license. Very exciting stuff for him and I am so ready to support him along this road to a career change. You got this babe!

I’ve gone back to work! Sort of…. I have recently partnered with Rodan + Fields as a skincare consultant. It’s all done from home and online so it is definitely something I can balance with Hallie and running our home. It’s a little scary in the beginning but it’s fun and challenging and I feel it is going to be a great opportunity for me to explore. Stay tuned! (Oh, did I mention I will get young and beautiful skin again?! Good-bye mommy bags under my eyes!)

Grandma is coming! My mom has sold her home back in Vancouver and will be moving here at the end of February. We have been renovating the bottom level of our home into an in-law suite. It’s going to be an adjustment having her so close but I believe as long as we set boundaries that suit both our needs, we will be okay. She is going to be close to her grandchildren too which is the ultimate goal. I also get a babysitter now and then! #win

Summer – can’t wait for summer! We bought a trailer when we moved to Kamloops but it was the end of camping season so we haven’t even used it. This Spring I am going to get it cleaned up and even do a bit of redecorating (read: ‘glamping’ anyone?). Come summer that baby will be ready to go. As soon as baby #2 is ready we will be off to the lakes every weekend. I can taste the icy cold beers already!

Fitness – I have been letting myself off the hook lately due to morning sickness and catching the flu on New Years. I am actually still bedridden. Trying to be optimistic and not complain though! As soon as I am feeling better I am signing up for prenatal barre. It’s like ballet barre fitness. I have never done it before but I took ballet for thirteen years when I was a kid and always miss it. I think this will be a nice and easy way to get some healthy exercise for me and baby, plus have some fun. Hallie and I will also be doing her swimming lessons as of next week. I have to squeeze my chubby pasty body into a swimsuit in the dead of winter…. yippppeeeeeee! She better enjoy swimming!

So that is my little list of what is going on here and things I am looking in the next few months. What are you looking forward to in 2016? Goals and aspirations? I am still sorting out goals. I find it challenging to have goals in the New Year because I am such a goal setter all year long. I am always striving to be this and do more of that. I think my main goal should be achieving those goals! I am a little scatter brained at sticking to things I suppose.. Tomorrow is always a new day and a fresh start I suppose!


If you have a toddler, you know how challenging a family photo is.












New Year, new business for me! ( )


An Early Christmas Present

It has been pretty hard to keep this secret but the Hubs and I decided to make a little public announcement today. We are having a second baby! All of my posts prior to this where I vaguely mentioned not feeling well and exhaustion, well now the secret as to why is out. Holy mother morning sickness! This pregnancy is completely different to when I was preggers with Hallie. Achy bones, total exhaustion and not to mention being a very sick girl throughout most of the day. I have no idea why they call it morning sickness as it seems to rear it’s ugly head at any time, including the middle of the night. But OTHER than all of those pesky little annoyances, we are so excited that another little baby will be joining our family. Baby number two is due in July of 2016 which makes me 3 months along on Christmas next week. We will be finding out the sex come February (I think) and though I am pretty eager to have another perfect little girl, Hubby has his heart set on a boy. Of course we will be over the moon happy with whatever the outcome is, boy or girl, I just have so many cute girl clothes to reuse. I also don’t know where exactly we are going to put this tiny bundle of joy, who comes with all of the large bulky baby items you use with newborns, as our house is on the tiny side and we are already splitting at the seams. I am going to put that out of mind for now though because there isn’t a darn thing I can do about it yet. I guess I will start to worry about space and organization in late spring.
So now begins the agonizing of how on earth I will cope with two babies under two. Hallie, already being the free spirit that she is, will no doubt keep blossoming into more and more of an energetic little dear. I wonder if her sibling will share her wild personality traits or if he/she will be more on the chill side. Either way, the two of them will have me running around non-stop. Thank goodness it will be summertime and we can spend most of the waking hours outdoors. Bring on summer! I have been so ill that I do not even miss alcoholic beverages but as the warmer months creep up, I will be parched thinking about icy cold beers and cocktails that I am missing out on! So many things to think about between now and then too. Most of all I need to take a step back and soak up the moments. Even the sick ones. Pregnancy only lasts for a short time and I intend to enjoy it! Well at least enjoy using the preggo card to get extra relaxation time on the sofa, should it ever present itself hah. Not to mention all of the yummy treats this time of year! Turkey AND ham on Christmas next week? You bet. Cookie exchange? Sign my pregnant ass up. Tis the season!