winter in kamloops

Feeling The February Love

Somehow we are already well on our way into February and I do not even know where January went. It felt like winter was ending and we were starting to get excited for spring. I even unpacked all our spring clothes to launder and freshen up. Florals were definitely in the air! Then BAM! A massive dump of snow and back down to minus twenty. I almost felt like I should be digging all of the Christmas decorations out and setting up again for festive fun. Don’t worry – that did not happen! For now we are just weathering ‘the storm’ and trying to embrace the pretty white snow that has covered my yard yet again. So much for seeing grass last week. We do however have a sunny and beautiful weekend on our hands though and with any luck, it will melt away in a hurry. Though it may be pretty we are VERY over winter. Ready for sun-kissed noses and hardened summer feet from running around bare foot all day. Yes we still have to wait a bit for that but one can dream of warmer temps.

So where have the last few weeks gone exactly. Well we started sleep training our little guy so there was ten days of my life there where it all seemed to blend into one stressful mess. The sleep training wasn’t even the hard part. It was more the fact that we were simultaneously trying to get both kids into one room. A two-year old and a six month old don’t exactly make the best roommates right off the bat. Luckily my mom was headed out-of-town for ten days and we were able to use her suite. So one parent would sleep downstairs with Hallie while the other would sleep up with Jackson. This worked great for the kids but I for one was really missing sharing a bed with my husband! Bigger picture though, it was worth it. While Hallie was getting by sleeping in a playpen (my poor TALL girl), Jackson went from five wake ups and three weddings to one wake up and feeding. ONE! After tackling that, it was time to transition the roommate situation. Our first attempt was one big fail. It was like a symphony between the two of them who could cry the loudest and longest. We maybe last twenty minutes before giving up and splitting them up again. The next night though, we had no choice. Grandma had returned home and we needed to give her space back. Surprisingly, it didn’t go TOO bad. Each night gets better too. There are definitely challenges to sharing a room at these ages. If one cries the other one seems to wake. Hallie has also reverted to waking up a bit more. I have faith we will eventually get there though and they will not mind sharing a room at all. Hopefully everyone will sleep better too. It may not be perfect right now but its manageable. Next house though, separate rooms are a must!

On top of sleep training we have had a couple of colds, one more potty training attempt, six month immunizations for the little one, lots of giggles and snuggles, a handful of play dates, and everything in between. Jackson is now on solids and eats three meals a day. The kid likes to eat, should be no surprise there. Other than her getting into constant mischief and him trying to crawl, the days seem to just be flying by and with each day, those two team up on me a little more. Feeling outnumbered and loving almost every minute of it.

Valentines Day is on Tuesday and usually I am much more prepared! There are heart garlands hung and heart-shaped cookies everywhere. Oh and glitter. Lots of glitter. This year I seem to have dropped the ball a bit. I will see if I can get something done in time but you can bet your boots we will have heart-shaped pancakes morning of. We also are attending a Valentines Day lunch at a friends. Three or four mommas with double the amount of babies….perhaps it should be a liquid lunch! I am sure there will be plenty of photo ops among the chaos. Even if I am not ready for the holiday of love, Pinterest is and I would love to share some favourites with you. These Strawberry Funfetti Pancakes would be so much fun for the kiddos, not to mention tasty. I also LOVE these Heart Shaped Pizzas for a toddler snack idea. If you are into making homemade cards for your loved ones, like we are, there are some super cute and corny ideas in this link for Cards. I think this garland is the SWEETEST and would make a cute surprise to wake up to on Valentines morning. Nothing says Valentines Day like flowers; I love getting away from your standard roses and doing something a little outside the box. These wild flowers in mason jars would be perfect scattered around the house, kitchen or part of a tablescape. Don’t forget kid’s themed pjs are an absolute MUST for all holidays, like these heart ones from Carters. When it comes to Valentines Day, I could go on forever. Thank you Pinterest for sucking up two hours of my life today.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and enjoying whatever crazy weather you might be having!




Welcoming Winter

I don’t know about you but I felt a huge sense of relief when I was packing up all of our Halloween decorations. October was exhausting! It was tons of fun with all of the festivities going on and even though it is one of my favourite times of the year, I was happy to see the end of it. I am ready for November. Ready for Winter! That is one thing I love about where we live now. You actually get to experience full seasons. In Vancouver, it was a lot of rain, or non-rainy days. I don’t want to sound like a negative nelly but it’s true! They are in for a soggy winter too unfortunately. In Kamloops we get a really pretty transition in-between seasons. Though I might freeze my ass off more so than my Coastal friends, at least my toes will be dry. I am however a total wimp when it comes to being cold. I am cold majority of the time! But as long as you dress appropriately, getting out in the cooler weather (not to mention the snow!) can be exactly what everyone needs- especially kids. So I am welcoming November with open, bundled up arms and am super excited to get planning some fun activities for the babies and I. It has been a couple years but it just might be time to bring back the ‘Holiday Bucket List‘ too. Nothing like a giant chalkboard in your kitchen to remind you of all of the things you want to get done! There are quite a few things happening in Kamloops this time of year too. Last year I was pregnant and violently ill (thanks again for that Jackson) so I wasn’t exactly a jolly sport when it came to doing things. I managed to get away with it too as Hallie was younger and perfectly okay with being lazy and snuggling with me all day long. Now, not so much! I know that cheeky little girl is going to want to get her hands into all of the fun that the season brings. We will not be able to hide from the great outdoors either – if that girl doesn’t spend at least a couple of hours outside each day, the crazy really comes out in her. This momma might need some Baileys in her coffee this time round to keep up! Jackson is too little to know what is going on but we will string that adorable little smile along for the ride. So what is on your holiday to-do list? I already have a couple of things in mind.

Spirit Holiday Train Ride – hot cocoa included of course!

CP Holiday Train with Dallas Smith performing – whoop whoop!

Santa Parade downtown – even though last year we could barely get through the entire parade it was so darn cold. This year we shall better prepare ourselves!

Adults only getaway to Sun Peaks for a night – get our Christmas drinks on!

Family getaway to Sun Peaks – alright alright, they get some fun too!

The search for the perfect Christmas Tree – and cutting it down ourselves of course. ‘It’s not going in our living room Russ’.

Taking both kids in matching pjs to visit Santa Clause.

Introducing Elf on the Shelf to Hallie. She won’t understand the concept of behaving for the elf yet, but I do think she will get a kick out of searching for it every morning.

Arts & crafts for Hallie of the Christmas nature. We love getting messy lately in the kitchen with paints.

Seasonal baking – this one is for me! I love baking and this is the perfect time of year to overindulged and try out some fun new recipes.

Play the Christmas Vacation Drinking Game – mandatory this time of year, multiple times if you can.

Well clearly I could go on, and on, and on here….. Better get that chalkboard done up! Happy Wednesday and happy winter planning friends!